WebSocket Server On HTTP Request

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WebSocket Server On HTTP Request

The WebSocket server can serve as an HTTP server at the same time. WS server distinguishes between simple messages via WebSocket connection and a full-fledged HTTP request. HTTP request can be sent from a browser or scripting languages. In other words, you can launch a RoboTask from your web-browser with this trigger.

If the task is launched by this trigger, you can use the following variables in the task to analyze the HTTP request:

HttpFilename - Return the file name of an HTTP request

HttpHeader(Header-Name) - Returns the header of an HTTP request. In the parameter you must record the name of the header. For example: accept-encoding, user-agent, referer etc.

HttpMethod - Returns the method of an HTTP request (GET, POST, etc.)

HttpPath - Return the path of an HTTP request.

HttpPostParam(ParamName) - Return the post parameter value of an HTTP request

HttpQuery - Return the query string of an HTTP request

HttpQueryParam(ParamName) - Return the query parameter value of an HTTP request

Actually, you can use these variables to analyze HTTP request and generate the required HTTP response (see action WebSocket server HTTP response).

Please note that if the task is launched otherwise (e.g. manually or by another trigger), all these variables will contain empty values.

Note: This feature is available for Business license only




WebSocket server.

Choose the required WebSocket server from the list. Please note that you cannot choose the server when editing a network task. Instead, you must enter the server ID. You must know the server ID in advance (see WS Connection manager->Servers->Advanced). If an invalid ID is specified, an "Invalid WS Server ID" error is returned when executing.


WS Server Manager

You can view or edit lists of registered Websocket servers and clients (see WS Connection Manager).


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