On Local/Remote Session Changes

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On Local/Remote Session Changes

This trigger responds to opening and closing a user session on your PC. The trigger responds to any other session, no matter in what session RoboTask is running. This can be useful when working on Terminal Server.

When a trigger responds and starts the task, it can write to a task variable information about the session in JSON format, with fields:

event - which event occurred. Possible options:









client_name - the client computer name. For local sessions, this field is always empty

client_address - the client network address. For local sessions, this address is always

domain - the domain name of the client computer. For local sessions, this field is always empty

user_name - The client user name. For local sessions, this field is always empty.

hres - horizontal dimension, in pixels, of the client's display

vres - vertical dimension, in pixels, of the client's display

color_depth - color depth of the client's display.




Trigger mode

Enable one or more events for the trigger to respond:

Console connect

Console disconnect

Remote connect

Remote disconnect

Session logon

Session logoff

Session lock

Session unlock


Save session info to variable

Enter the variable name to save the session information.


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