WebSocket Client On Message

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WebSocket Client On Message

This trigger responds to messages sent by the server the client is connected to. This can be a WebSocket server send message or any other applications or scripts that support WebSocket connections as a server.

Note: This feature is available for Business license only




WebSocket Client

Choose the WebSocket client from the list. If you edit a network task, the list is not available and you have to enter the client ID manually (see WS Connection manager->Clients->Advanced). If the client ID is incorrect, the action will get an "Invalid WS Client ID" run-time error.


WS Client Manager

You can view or edit lists of registered WebSocket servers and clients (see WS Connection Manager).



Several options for analyzing the message received are supported

Is any string – in this case, the trigger launches the task when any string is received;

Starts with – the message must start with the string specified in the String field;

Contains – the message must contain the string specified in the String field

Is exact string – the message must exactly match the specified string.



Enter the string to compare it with the message


Case Sensitive

If you need the case-sensitive comparison, then tick this checkbox.


Save received message to variable

Specify the name of the local variable of the task, where you want to save the received message. If the variable name is empty, the trigger doesn't save anything.


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