Check for Email

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Check for Email


Checks to see if email exists on a POP3 server that you specify. For example, you can create a task that checks e-mail in the morning and the evening automatically for you, thus minimizing distractions during your work day.




POP3 Server

Enter the POP3 server for e-mail.



Enter the port number. The default port number is 110.



Select this checkbox if you want to use SSL connection.



Enter the user name for the e-mail account on the mail server.



Enter the password for the e-mail account.


Stop this Task if

Enter whether you want the current task to do one of the following before e-mail is downloaded from the mail server:

Mail is Waiting - stops the task if mail is on the mail server.

Mail is Not Waiting - stops the task if mail is not on the mail server.


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