CSV Save Data

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CSV Save Data

This action saves CSV text to a variable or file.

Note that CSV data array is not automatically saved to a file or variable.





Save to variable

Turn this switch on and specify the variable name to save the CSV text.


Save to file

Turn this switch on and specify the file name to save the CSV text. Also, specify the text encoding if needed.

Note that UTF-8 is a universal format for any language.


Keep original format

By default, the action suggests keeping the CSV text formatting (delimiter, quotes, etc.). But you can choose a different format. Simply turn this switch off and specify the new format on the CSV Format tab.


CSV format



Specify the format of the CSV data: delimiter, quote character.

Note that if the "Strict delimiter" switch is not enabled, spaces are also considered delimiters. And all fields containing spaces must be enclosed in quotes.


Reset to standard format

Sets the standard parameters:

Delimiter: Comma (,)

Quotes: Double quotes (")

Non-strict delimiter (spaces are also considered delimiters)


Reset to Excel format

Sets the parameters used by MS Excel by default:

Delimiter: Semicolon (;)

Quotes: Double quotes (")

Strict delimiter.



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Note: This feature is available for Business license only