CSV Data Loop

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CSV Data Loop

This action iterates through CSV data records in the loop, considering specified conditions.





Save row number to variable

Specify the variable name to store the row number. Row numbers start from 1. This field can be left empty.


Save current row to variable

Specify the variable name to store the current record. This field can be left empty.

If you want to save the current record for processing, specify the format:

Standard comma-separated string (default format)

JSON array


Filter options


Filter mode:

Choose the condition combination mode: AND (all listed conditions must be met) or OR (at least one condition must be met).


Filter list

Each condition corresponds to a specific column.

Substring or regular expression - The condition string. By default, the action checks for the presence of the specified substring in the field value. You can indicate that the action should use this expression as a regular expression. Regular expressions are more flexible for defining conditions but require some skills.

Case sensitive - yes or no

Regular expression - yes or no. How to use condition string: as regular expression (yes) or as substring (no)


Source and Source format

Source and Source format tabs are identical for most SCV actions. Read description in "CSV Get Data Information" chapter



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Note: This feature is available for Business license only