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WebSocket is a TCP communication protocol designed to exchange messages between applications in real time. Most browsers support the protocol, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera. You can read more about this protocol here.

This plugin enables RoboTask communication with other applications that use WebSocket protocol or with other RoboTask instances.

The WebSocket protocol mechanism requires a permanent client-server connection and the capability to exchange messages asynchronously. The source of the message can be either the client or the server. If the client loses connection for some reason, by default it tries to re-establish the connection.

To get started, create the required set of Websocket Servers and Clients. All actions and triggers of this plugin work with this set of servers and clients in one way or another. Their combination and parameters depend on your requirements.

To define WS Servers and WS Clients, use WS Connection Manager.

Note: This feature is available for Business license only



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