WebSocket Server Send Message

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WebSocket Server Send Message

Action enables to send a message to active clients.

Note: This feature is available for Business license only




Send message to

Two options are possible

One client – this option works, if the WebSocket Server On Message trigger is connected to the task. When this trigger is activated, the specified WS server sends a message only to the client, from which it received the message that activated the trigger.

All connected clients – the specified WS server sends a message to all connected clients.


WebSocket server.

Choose the required WebSocket server from the list. Please note that you cannot choose the server when editing a network task. Instead, you must enter the server ID. You must know the server ID in advance (see WS Connection manager->Servers->Advanced). If an invalid ID is specified, an "Invalid WS Server ID" error is returned when executing.


Text message

Enter the text of the message you want to send. You can use variables.


WS Server Manager

You can view or edit lists of registered Websocket servers and clients (see WS Connection Manager).



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