Wait for Remote Task

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Wait for Remote Task

Waits for the specified task to complete within the specified timeout.




Select task by ...

You can specify a task in two ways:

by External Name - this method is preferable because you can define the External Name yourself to identify the task (see Task Editor -> Advanced)

by Task ID - if you know the ID, you can specify the task ID directly. Task ID is a formal unique number. It is assigned once when creating or importing a task and does not change during the "life" of the task.


Task External name or Task ID

The title of this field changes depending on the value of the task selection mode. Specify the External Name or TaskID, respectively. Variables can be used.


Select task from list

External Name or TaskID can be selected interactively from the list. To do this, the first time you need to enter the parameters for connecting to the remote RoboTask to get the list. The connection parameters are saved for the next sessions.



Standby mode. There are two options to choose from:

Timeout - specify the time in seconds. If the task does not complete during the timeout, the action will generate an error.

If the timeout is over you can specify an action:

Raise Timeout error - this is default option

Set True or False to variable - in this case the task will continue work without error.

Infinite - endless waiting for completion. We recommend using this option very carefully.


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