Remote RoboTask Connect

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Remote RoboTask Connect

This action begins work with the tasks of the remote RoboTask instance. One RoboTask can only support one connection. If you need to work with tasks of another RoboTask instance while a task is running, you must first close the current connection with the Remote Task Disconnect action






Computer name or IP address to connect



The port number to connect. By default, the application port is 5500, the service port is 5501. But when configuring the RoboTask network server, the numbers can be changed to any others.


Authorization mode

Two authorization modes are available

Explicit: user name and password. - This mode uses classic authorization using a username and password. Variables are allowed.

User data - use an encrypted string that contains encrypted authorization parameters. This data can be obtained in the Active Connections Loop. The data contains the authorization parameters of the currently open connections from the main RoboTask window.



Domain name. Used only if the server is configured for NT authorization. The dot (.) if using the local computer user.



Name of registered user



Password. This field has a "secure" mode for entering a password. But if you are using variables for the password, then you can click the "Show password" button so that you can edit this field in normal mode.


Encrypted user info

This data can be obtained in the Active Connections Loop and saved to a variable. This variable can be used for authorization.

For example: {CurrentUserInfo}


Test connection

If you have specified the connection and authorization parameters explicitly, you can check the correctness of the parameters by clicking this button.


Show password

You can see the password explicitly or edit the password if you use variables.


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