Multichoice Dialog

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Multichoice Dialog

The Multi Choice Dialog allows to switch on or off each option of the proposed set.

For example, a task collects certain information and allows to pass the information to several workers:

Send the Message to Mike;

Send the Message to administrator;

Copy Message to Boss.


The Multi Choice Dialog allows to select alternatives in any combination. The RoboTask saves the values of a choice into separate variables for each option (True or False)





Dialog Title

Specify the title for a choice menu.



The list of menu items for a choice. Each item is related to a variable into which the value of a choice of the item is saved. True or False.


Save True (OK) or False (Cancel) into Variable:

Specify the variable into which it is necessary to save the work result of dialog. If a choice is  made, the value True is saved. If not (that is, the button Cancel is pressed), the value False is saved.


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