Choice Dialog

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Choice Dialog

The Choose Dialog is necessary to select one value of several alternatives. The action saves the number of chosen alternative (beginning from 1) into a variable. Then it is possible to do actions according to a choice.

If a user rejects a choice (that is, the button Cancel is pressed), the value of the choice is 0.

DialogChoice DialogChoice2



Explicit Items List – define items list explicitly

Items From Text – form the list of items from any text


Dialog Title

Specify a title for a choice menu.


Explicit Items List



A list of menu items for a choice. The list can be edited with buttons Add, Edit, Delete.

Also it is possible to change the order of options using buttons Move Up and Move Down.


From Text

This mode allows creating the list of items from any text. Each line of the will be an item in the list.


From Text File

You can fill in the edit box with file name or choose file. You can use variables in the file name


From This Text

Fill in the text in the input field. Variables are allowed.


Save Selected Item Number to Variable

Specify the name of a variable into which is necessary to save the choice result. If one of items is chosen, the number of the item will be saved beginning from 1.

If the button Cancel is pressed, then 0 will be saved.


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