Shift Keys State

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Shift Keys State

This action serves for imitation of retention of Shift-keys in pressed condition or in forced release. Shift-keys are used in various combinations: Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Win-key. Some programs use complex combinations.

For example:

when Ctrl is pressed, push K and C sequentially

pressing Left Button of a mouse when Ctrl and Alt are held down

The action "Send Keystrokes" can’t ensure imitation such combinations.





Select a necessary action:

Release selected keys – forced release of specified keys.

Hold down selected keys – pressing of specified keys and holding them in pressed condition,  until you see the action Release of Keys. Please note that all Shift-keys will be released, if you switch on the parameter "Forced release of Shift-keys" when Send Keystrokes are in use.



Mark necessary keys in any combination.


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