Control of RoboTask through network

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Control of RoboTask through network


RoboTask has the feature of the controlling over tasks through network. This opportunity is available to owners of the Business License. The operation of major components of Client-Server is also available in trial mode for a testing.

The control of remote RoboTask is necessary in the next cases:

The control of a local RoboTask service. Beginning with Windows Vista, the system forbids interaction between a service and a desktop within a user session. Therefore the control of tasks is related with certain inconveniences (see the chapter Peculiarities of work RoboTask Service under OS Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 2008 Server). The mode Client-Server permits to edit on-the-fly, to add, to delete, and to start service tasks, and also to view the tasks logs without calling at a system console.

The control of RoboTask installed at the other network computers. RoboTask in client mode can connect to several instances of RoboTask simultaneously. It allows to view and to edit tasks at the other computers in the main window of RoboTask without using RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) or similar tools.


Notice: At startup of a task at a remote RoboTask the task is performed in the session in which the RoboTask server is working. It can be tracked only on a client the course of performing by the task log. If the task demands some interaction with the program (for example, dialog windows) it can’t be done from a client.


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