Wake On LAN

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Wake On LAN

The action permits to "wake up" another computer by means of sending the special signal through a net. You can read about this technology here in detail: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wake-on-LAN. To have the computer awoken, this function should be permitted in the setting BIOS of the computer. As a rule, this function is permitted on default.

The function Wake-on-LAN works stably for stationary (desktop) computers with wire connection to network. The Wake-On-LAN permit to "wake up" a computer out of any status: sleep, hibernate and even switched off. The necessary condition is that the computer should be connected to a power supply (an outlet) and have physical connection to a network.

The possibility of awakening for laptop depends on the manufacturer and the model of computer and perhaps it depend on the observance certain condition. For example, in our tests it is necessary that the lid of the laptop was opened and the computer was connected to its power module.





The name of the computer or an IP address. You can specify both an exact address (for example, and a broadcast address (for example,

In the mode of one segment of a local network it is permitted even not to specify any exact address of a sub-network and to do a broadcast request to all computers of the segment (for example,



The port of recipient. On default, it is 9. You can specify any port if you use the local network without firewall. If a target computer is in a segment of the network closed with firewall, you should tune a port forwarding to the signal can get the target.


MAC address

This is a hardware address of a network interface (a physical address). To retrieve it, it is necessary to specify the command in the command line:

ipconfig /all

You can see a MAC address through the control panel:

Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center

Then, you should click the link Local Area Connection (or another connection) and open the window "Details".

MAC address is important parameter. The function Wake-On-LAN works only if the specified address coincides with a hardware one. Otherwise, the target computer just ignores the command. Therefore, in the local network it is possibly only to send a broadcast request, because the computer reacts only when MAC address coincides. The rest of computers of the segment just ignore the request.


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