REST Client/Invoke Web Service

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REST Client/Invoke Web Service

This action makes HTTP requests and receives responses from the Web service.



Request parameters




WEB address of the service. The address must start with the protocol: HTTP:// or HTTPS://



Request method. Select the desired option from the list.



The value of the request header "accept". You can choose from the list or write your own.


Custom headers

If you need to specify additional headers, you can specify them in this field

Header format:

<header_name>: <header_value>



The response value can be written to a variable or to a file. Select the desired value and enter the variable name or file name respectively.

The value of a variable or file name, may be empty. In this case, the value will not be stored.



Filling in these parameters is possible if the request method is POST, PUT or PATCH.

The remaining methods do not require a request body.




Content type

Select a product from the list or enter your own option.



There is no single format or rule for how to form a request body. This should be specified in the web service documentation.






Save status code to variable

Enter a variable name. This field can be empty.


Save headers to variable

Enter a variable name. This field can be empty.


HTTP authentication

If the web service requires authorization, then enable this checkbox and enter a username and password.



Enter the response timeout. The default value is 180 seconds.


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