System variables

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System variables


You can view system variables in the RoboTask variables dialog box (the Options | Variables menu). The list is divided into categories. Each variable in the list has a brief description. Thus, it will not be difficult to study the set of variables and we will not describe them here.

There are more than 80 system variables available now. Actually they are functions that are executed at the moment of line generation.


Some variables require a parameter, for example:



You should specify the full name of the file as the parameter of this variable. For example:



It is possible to use embedded variables. Suppose we have a custom variable named MyFileName containing the name of a file. To extract the file name without its extension, type:



In this case, RoboTask will find {MyFileName} first and then use the found string as a parameter.

This rule applies to all system variables that require a parameter.



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