Saving the result into a variable

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Saving the result into a variable

During their operation almost all actions of the RoboTask demand that their results should be assigned into user variables. In this case it is necessary to specify the variable name.

A variable name is some string composed of Latin letters (ASCII symbols) and numbers without any spaces.

It is better to specify the variable name explicitly, that is without curly brackets.

But composing of a variable name using other variables is permitted. In this case variables should be separated with curly brackets like when composing any expression in the RoboTask.

What happens if you use curly brackets in a variable name?

The RoboTask tries to compute the values of expressions in curly brackets (expand variables) and substitute the value into the expression.

Then, the got expression is checked whether it is correspond to the rules of variable names.

If the got name is correct, the RoboTask assigns the necessary value into a variable with this name.


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