Runtime module

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Runtime module

The runtime module is designed to run a prepared task without the main RoboTask application and additional license. However, the runtime module uses the entire engine to run the task.


Command line:

RoboTaskRuntime.exe <Task_File_Name> [/stop]

<Task_File_Name> - full name of task file

/stop - (optional parameter) if you want to stop the application before exiting anyway to read the log


The application executes the task and exits during normal operation. When an error occurs, the application does not finish automatically and offers to read the task execution log.


It should be remembered that the runtime module guarantees the correct execution of autonomous tasks. That is, there are some restrictions:

The runtime module does not have access to other RoboTask tasks. Accordingly, it cannot perform actions with other tasks: launch, enumerate, check the status, etc.

The runtime module does not have access to RoboTask global variables.

The runtime module does not process the task triggers. The task can only be started from the command line.


To install the engine only with runtime module on separate computer use the command line of setup program:

RobotaskSetup.exe /COMPONENTS=engine


By default setup application installs all modules and components.