Authentication parameters

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Authentication parameters


When RoboTask is running in the NT service mode, it does not see network resources by default. It happens because in this case RoboTask has not the rights of your session account, but the rights of the virtual "SYSTEM" account despite the fact that you can see the green icon in the tray and can manually control the program. To allow the program to log on to the network, you should specify authentication parameters. These settings make sense and are available only in the NT service mode. Open the Settings dialog box (Options | Settings) and switch to the "NT Service" tab.

Also RoboTask Service Manager allows you to make this adjustment too.


Log on Process as specified user.

Select this checkbox if you want to allow RoboTask to log on to the local area network automatically when the RoboTask service is started. After that you should specify the authentication parameters.


Domain Name.

Specify the domain name where the user is registered. If the user is registered on the local computer, enter a dot (.) instead of the domain name.


User Name.

Specify the username.



Specify the password for the specified user.


Try to Logon

To test the authentication parameters and log RoboTask manually, click this button. RoboTask will try to log on using the specified parameters and you will see either "Log on successful" or "Log on failed".


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