How to access RoboTask Service

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How to access RoboTask Service

As we know Windows Vista+ operating systems  prohibits the interaction with service applications by default.

Windows 10 doesn't allow interaction with services at all

How to access RoboTask service in this case?



You can access RoboTask service by using network client.

This method is universal. It works on any version of Windows or Windows Server

Run RoboTask Service manager, and setup network server for RoboTask Service. Pay attention that port MUST be different from network server settings of application

I recommend you to use the next number - 5501

press "Apply" button to save settings and restart RoboTask service.



You can close close RoboTask service manager and open main window of RoboTask application.

Choose menu Remote->Connect to...



Input necessary parameters and press "Connect"



You can see new Root folder in the task tree: localhost:5501

You can select it and edit remote tasks (also you can import, run interactively and remove tasks)




By using "interactive service detection" service

(this method doesn't work under Windows 10+ and Windows server 2016+. Use network please instead)

- start RoboTask Service Manager and start "Interactive service detection". Pay attention that parameter "Allow Interactive Services" must be turned on. Otherwise turn it on and restart RoboTask service.



- You will see this message. Press "View the message"



- You can see RoboTask window in the system session. Configure tasks interactively (or import prepared tasks) and press Return Now button on system dialog.