Task status

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Task status

This action reads the status of a specified task and writes it into a variable. The value can be a number from 0 to 4 or as a string:

Manual – (0). A task without triggers or with switched off triggers in the idle mode. It is possible to run the task manually or from another task.

Idle – (1). A task is in the idle mode and has active triggers. It is possible both running manual and automatically when a trigger starts.

Disabled – (2). A task is in the edit mode. The running of the task does not possible.

Running – (3). A task is performed. The repeat running is possible only after the completion of the task.

Stopping – (4). A task has got the signal to stop and is waiting for the end of the active step.  The task will be stopped only after the end of the active step.




Task to Check

Specify the task for the reading its status. You can select the task of a list pressing the button to the right of the edit field.


Save Status to Variable

Specify the name of the variable in which the status must be saved.


Save status as

Integer value – is a status as an integer number from 0 to 4.

String value – is a status as a string: Manual, Idle, Disabled, Running, Stopping



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