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Script extesions

The RoboTask gives some extensions of the language (for VB Script and JS Script): several additional functions. You can use this functions freely in your texts of scripts. Notice that the JavaScript is case sensitive. But the functions of extensions work insensitive to a using register. Thereby, the expressions

LogMessage("Hello World!!!");

logmessage("Hello World!!!");

are identical.


function LogMessage(AMessage)

The function outputs a message to a log. In edit mode of a script, the function outputs a message to the log of the editor. When a task works, a message is output to a log of the task in the mode User Message.

AMessage - the string to output


function include(ScriptFileName)

This function returns the text of specified script file.

ScriptFileName – The name of file which is necessary to load.


You can execute this text in your script. Just put these into you script:

for VB Script action use

execute include("d:\myscripts\script.txt")


For JS Script action use



function Pause(AMilliseconds)

Pauses and stops execution of the script for the specified time.

AMilliseconds - pause time in milliseconds.


function Messagebox(AMessage)

Displays a dialog box with the specified message

AMessage - the message as a string


function RoboTaskApp()

This function returns the COM object RoboTask. This object allows to use some functions of the RoboTask directly from a script. The description of the object is in the chapter "RoboTaskApp Object".



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