Basic script

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Basic script



Note: This feature is available for 32-bit edition of RoboTask only


It is a universal tool allowing you to execute scripts written in BASIC. Scripts can be virtually as complicated as you need. You can use such a script to access the RoboTaskApp COM object allowing you to access service functions of RoboTask, as well as other tasks. The description of the RoboTaskApp object is given below.

See additional information about the BASIC language in the BASIC help.




Script source

You can select the script storage method


Internal - the script is stored in the task file in this case. This storage method is good for small scripts consisting of one or several procedures.

External Script - the script is stored in a separate file. This storage method is good for complex subroutines consisting of several modules (see the keyword "uses" or "include" in the Basic help).


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