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Useful Utilities in RoboTask Package

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Checking for a new version on RoboTask's website. Notifies you when your subscription to updates expires according to your license.



Provides activation of the license key on the computer.



A standalone utility for sending a command to a Listener trigger from a remote computer. So you can run the task remotely from any computer, as long as a network connection to the RoboTask instance is possible.

This utility is described in detail in the "Network Command utility" chapter.

The utility is completely self-contained and does not require activation.



Allows you to run the command line with administrator privileges. Please note that you will need manual confirmation to allow the operation, if UAC (User Access Control) is enabled in the system and the current user is not an administrator. UAC is enabled by default.


RG.exe [/p] <command_line>

/p - RG waits when the command will be finished