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How to access RoboTask Service

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As we know Windows Vista/7/2008/8/2012 prohibits the interaction with service applications by default.

How to access RoboTask service in this case?

There are two ways to solve the problem


1-st way. By using "interactive service detection" service

(this method doesn't work under Windows 10 and Windows server 2016. Use the 2-nd way please instead)

- start RoboTask Service Manager and start "Interactive service detection". Pay attention that parameter "Allow Interactive Services" must be turned on. Otherwise turn it on and restart RoboTask service.



- You will see this message. Press "View the message"



- You can see RoboTask window in the system session. Configure tasks interactively (or import prepared tasks) and press Return Now button on system dialog.



2-nd way. By using network client.

Run RoboTask Service manager, and setup network server for RoboTask Service. Pay attention that port MUST be different from network server settings of application

I recommend you to use the next number - 5501

press "Apply" button to save settings and restart RoboTask service.



You can close close RoboTask service manager and open main window of RoboTask application.

Choose menu Remote->Connect to...



Input necessary parameters and press "Connect"



You can see new Root folder in the task tree: localhost:5501

You can select it and edit remote tasks (also you can import, run interactively and remove tasks)