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CEF Page Snapshot

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The problem is that most of the bowsers do not allow you to take a snapshot of the browser window correctly. The CEF Page Snapshot action solves this problem because the page is loaded under the control of RoboTask in the built-in browser.


General tab




Web Address

Fill the web address of the page which needs loading. You can leave its field empty if you want to use the page which was loaded in the previous steps of the task. You can use variables.


Keep page for next actions

If you need the downloaded page to be available in the following steps, switch on this parameter. Otherwise, the page will be deleted from the memory immediately after performing this action. Default value is ON.


Picture Format

Screenshot is a graphic image. It can be saved in the different formats:

BMP – standard Windows bitmap;
Jpeg – Joint Photographic Experts Group format;
PNG – portable network graphics format
GIF – Graphics Interchange Format


Save Screenshot to File

Specify the file name into which the snapshot needs to be saved.


If File Exists

Action if the specified file exists:

Rename - saves the file under a different name by adding the number to the file name. Thus the existing file will be left unchanged.
Overwrite - overwrites the specified file.


Windows size tab



Use necessary parameters if you want to change browser window size before taking a snapshot.

Keep current size - the window size will not change

Maximize window - action maximizes the browser window before taking a picture (default value)

Set specified size - specify necessary size of the window

Show full page - the browser calculates the full height of the page and displays the entire page using the current width

Return to original window size - the action returns previous size of the window after operation


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