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Active Connections Loop

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This action allows you to loop over open connections with other RoboTask instances. On each iteration, the action stores the connection parameters into variables. You can use these variables in the Remote task connect action.

The action does not use open connections. It only fetches the parameters for each open connection and stores them in variables. You can use this loop, for example, to run a task on all RoboTask instances with which a connection is open.




Save "Host" to variable

Specify the variable where you want to store the Host value. The Host is the computer name or IP address


Save "Port" to variable

Specify the variable where you want to store the Port value. The Port is an integer value for the port number. The Host-Port pair make up the connection parameters.


Save "User data" to variable

User authorization parameters in encrypted form. User Data is a base64 string. This string can be used in the Remote Task Connect action


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