RoboTask 9.2 has been released

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RoboTask 9.2 has been released

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New version of RoboTask is ready for download. Download and try RoboTask 9.2 now

What's new in RoboTask 9.2:
[ + ] Feature added
[ - ] Bug fixed
[ * ] Modified or improved

+ New action Registry loop
+ New action Find Pixel on Image
+ Added new option to "On Idle" trigger. Now it can fired when exiting idle mode.
+ New variables for Websockets plugin: + Added function to set custom headers and cookies to "WebSocket Server HTTP Response" action
* The task execution engine has been optimized to avoid blocking the GUI during intensive task concurrency.
* The SSL FTP plugin engine has been replaced with a more modern one. Removed disconnect errors during loop execution or file synchronization.
* Improved forms of action and trigger editors
* Many other small optimizations, improvements and bug fixes.

>>> Read full feature history here <<<
Oleg Yershov