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It would be good if we could have the option of running PSFTP with logging to file so we can check file uploads or display the success messages in a Log Message so it appears in the Task Log, I am looking for file name, size transferred, date and time, status etc.

Or this might already be available but I haven't seen it
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Your suggestion gave me an idea for using PSFTP in my own work, although I'll need to spend considerable amount of time experimenting with it, as I have no experience with this client.
Looks like PSFTP runs as a command line application, so I wonder if you have tried using 'Run Console Application' with 'Assign the Output Text to Variable'? Would it work as a log? On Oleg's suggestion I successfully used this Robotask functionality with cURL, also a command line app, recorded the response into a text file and then analysed the file also with Robotask, extracting only the bits I needed.
Sorry, if I am asking stupid questions - just want to learn more.
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