REST functionality

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REST functionality

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I sometimes need to send hundreds of REST calls changing their body contents using provided list of data. Robotask is the only useful program I have to automate this tedious task but the way I do it is inconvenient and glitches a lot. I have to open a REST client and then send a sequence of keystrokes.
It would greatly simplify this job if Robotask had its own built-in REST client, which could be configured to use all methods (POST, GET, PUT, etc), headers and authentication. If it could catch the response of the calls to a file or a string variable, it would be priceless.
Currently at work we are not allowed to use Postman, so have to rely on browser add-ons. And because of us, so do our Indian partners. But if Robotask had sufficient and user-friendly REST client functionality, I am sure many of my colleagues and Indian partners would use Robotask for the calls, if not for anything else.
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Re: REST functionality

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You can use cURL.exe command-line utility.
Read more here:
I hope I answered your question.
Oleg Yershov
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