RoboTask 8.0 has been released

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RoboTask 8.0 has been released

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New version of RoboTask is ready for download. Download and try RoboTask 8.0 now

What's new in RoboTask 8.0:
[+] Feature added
[-] Bug fixed

[*] Modified or improved[/i]

+ First release of x64 version. You can find both editions on download page
+ Implemented Drag-and-Drop mechanism. You can drop task file into RoboTask from windows explorer. To drag the task from RoboTask use mouse with Shift-key pressed
+ You can paste task form text of the task directly. If Clipboard text contains the correct task information then RoboTask will add it.
+ New action "CEF Run Javascript". This action available in trial period and for business license.
+ New action "Show Text" in dialogs group. It designed for large text.
+ Added "Get URL" option in "CEF Web Page Information" action
* Optimized File monitor trigger when for work with large amount of files (~ N*100000 files)
* Changed default folder for service mode to ProgramData folder. This as universal folder for x32 and x64 editions of RoboTask.
* Many other small optimizations, improvements and bug fixes.

>>> Read full feature history here <<<

Please note that Basic Plugin is available for x32-bit edition only.
This plugin is deprecated. You can use Script tools instead
Oleg Yershov