RoboTask 9.1 has been released

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RoboTask 9.1 has been released

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New version of RoboTask is ready for download. Download and try RoboTask 9.1 now

What's new in RoboTask 9.1:
[ + ] Feature added
[ - ] Bug fixed
[ * ] Modified or improved

+ Added "Format CSV line" action. Now you can change the CSV string format
in one step.
+ Added "Operations on lists". You can perform mathematical operations
on two lists: intersection, union, subtraction and symmetric difference
+ Added "TXT Delete line" action
+ Added "TXT Insert line" action
+ Added options of CSV format to action "TXT Comma-Text Conversion"
+ Addded option "Sequence number" to the action "XML Get Single Node"
+ New variable "ValidVariableName". Returns valid variable name from any string
* Fixed a memory issue. Significantly reduced the amount of memory occupied at application startup.
* Service start mode changed. Optimized work in system service mode. You need to reinstall service
* Many other small optimizations, improvements and bug fixes.

>>> Read full feature history here <<<
Oleg Yershov