Great program! Great support!

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Great program! Great support!

Postby David W. » Thu Mar 02, 2006 11:35 am

I am in day 10 of evaluation.  We are moving most of our jobs out of an old software into RoboTask.  Haven't found anything that is not going to work yet.  The frequent and tight scheduling we have is being handled quite nicely by RoboTask.


In moving most of our jobs from an old software to RoboTask, we found one defect in the Send Email... function.


We reported it here.  I was not treated as a 'dumb user' but the issue was well investigated.  With consistent attention to this forum and direct email, the defect was found and I received an update in a matter of hours after the discovery.


Great program!  Great support!  That will make anybody's day!


Keep up the great work Oleg!


David W.
David W.
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