Brings Unix-level automation to Windows

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Brings Unix-level automation to Windows

Postby Brendan » Sat Oct 02, 2004 9:26 am

Give or take a bit.  I've made suggestions for several modifications that would expand the range of functions Robotask is capable of, as well as making some tasks more efficient.  In any case, there are very few things you can not make Robotask do if you work at it.
Robotask is naming, backing up, delivering, and archiving files and demographics for about USD 750K of transcribed documents in the branch office I operate.  This is a job normally done by a full-time (low-skill/no-skill) employee at about 28K a year plus Heath, FICA, unemployment insurace etc.  Robotask is saving my office about 40K/annually with a series of functions that I developed in about two weeks of off-hour work.  Well done!
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