Task restart on error

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Task restart on error

Postby rgonzalez » Thu Mar 26, 2020 11:52 pm

Hi Oleg, right now if a task crashes you can point to an error handling task and try to restart the other task. There are cases where you want to restart the task but don't want it to keep restarting it forever if it keeps crashing. Sure you can do some stuff in the error handling task to acomplish this but:

Would be nice and easier to have an option in the task itself to restart the task if crashed.

And maybe some options for example if task was restarted by this method and crashed again, then keep trying X number of times. Maybe a wait X seconds between restarts, like the task scheduler on windows where you can define some parameters of execution.

I think this would be very useful, I've been a customer since 10 years now and I always wanted this functionality. Hope this get implemented in the future. :P
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