Keyboard Macro for double-clicking the mouse

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Keyboard Macro for double-clicking the mouse

Postby tcarvalho » Mon Mar 29, 2021 3:45 pm

Hi all,

I'm trying to have Robotask automate a process but I need to find a method to simulate double clicking the left mouse button via the keyboard. the process itself has a lot of variability so I can't rely on exact positions, hence I'm trying to find a workaround via keyboard input. For context: I am attempting to input data into a child window. I am navigating the main window via keyboard inputs (arrow keys) so I have control over the fields I need. I need to double click a specific field that will get focused by the keyboard inputs to open the child window where I need to add relevant data.

MouseKeys is not an option as the program I'm running does not accept the MouseKey inputs (/ then +) to double click. Simply using Enter is not an option either, as it closes the window I'm in before having the chance to apply specific edits to the window. Are there any options to achieve this inside of Robotask, or will I need a third party app like autohotkey to perform this?

Thank you.
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